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Empowering YOUNG PEOPLE through meditation, mindfulness & creative Leadership


A tailored personal development mentorship program targeted towards youth and young adults. Also applicable for ‘at risk’ demographics and community outreach programs for disadvantaged groups, CALD communities or people experiencing crisis or hardship.

Programs for:
• Personal growth & development for school age groups, youth & young people.
• Professional development for educators, facilitators, support workers & other community organisations or cultural groups


• Meditation, Mind-set & Positive Psychology
• Embodiment Practices
• Creative Arts Expression

• Clowing, Street Theatre & Puppetry
• Wellbeing & Lifestyle
• Leadership, Business Management & Team Building
• Social Inclusion & Multicultural Awareness
• Outdoor Education & Nature Play
• Online Programs & Training


• Boosting confidence, self-esteem, & sense of self-worth contributing to improved wellbeing.

• Understanding how to combat the negative effects of stress & cope with pressures of school, work & home life.
• Building and strengthening community networks, resilience & social support.
• Developing individual skills, capacity for innovation and employability.
• Economic growth for individuals and communities.
• Access to useful resources, mentorship and training.

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Teaching young people about the importance of managing stress, understanding how to cope with anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional issues, learning to reconnect and relate to their bodies and minds on a deeper fundamental level that allows them to feel empowered, express their thoughts & emotions freely, and connect with their peers, parents and teachers from a place of authenticity, confidence and self-esteem.

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