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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our mission and vision is to empower and inspire individuals and communities to lead vibrant, active and healthy lifestlyes improving mental, physical and emotional well being through exchanging cultural heritage & identity, creative self-expression and active learning.


We believe that immersing ourselves in creative play and exploring the natural world around are powerful tools for self development and education, for personal and collective growth.

 Understanding that as part of nature, creativity is innate within all of us, 

that when brought to the surface we are able to shine our light brightly and joyfully.

​Creating opportunities for personal exploration and transformation where people are free to experience themselves as limitless creative potential.

Working with individuals, businesses, groups, organisations, schools & educational institutions, councils & ngo's looking to empower their communities through creative self-expression and active learning.

Water Emotion.HEIC
Water Emotion.HEIC

Our Story

On a full moon at a festival in Qld a young Australian artist met a young Brazilian clown and

became captured by each other’s passions and dreams to travel the world sharing creativity and positivity. We began developing our stories, ideas and experiences into a format we could share with others. Here, MARACCAS community organization was born and our seed of inspiration began to grow and develop into a beautiful tall tree...

Watercolour_Tree of Life.png

Meet The Team

Watercolour Florals_edited.png

~ Live your Art ~
~ Live your Passion ~
~ Live your Dreams ~

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