Digital Marketing - Full Day Workshop

Exploring effective marketing strategies & tools for action planning

Service Description

Supporting small businesses, social enterprises, community groups, independent artists and creative entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas, marketing stratgies, campaigns and gain clarity on their business and marketing goals and mission. With a unique, innovative, integrated and ethical apprach to business development and marketing, the MARACCAS Digital Marketing Full Day Workshop is an enjoyable and insightful expereince for groups and businesses. The program offers a range of creative tools, techniques, resources - and a few innovative concepts to help you to start building your business and project ideas, marketing your work, broadening your reach, building communities and audiences, and successfully sustaining your creative practice and or business growth in a way that is ethical, connected to community and supporting the development of your unique vision and purpose. THEMES AND TOPICS INCLUDE o Marketing Mindset: Letting go of Fear o Understanding your Niche/Brand Heros o Gaining Clarity: Problem, Path, Promise o Crafting your Offering & Services o Positioning & Messaging o Building your Brand Identity o Social Media & Online Communities o Developing a Marketing Action Plan o Digital Marketing: Tools & Resources o Content Marketing o Sales Strategies o Case Studies

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