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Empowering COMMUNITIES through meditation, mindfulness & creative Leadership


We run art, creative, active recreation and wellbeing programs predominantly aimed

at empowering individuals and community groups to enhance the social fabric and

cohesion of communities, developing skills, capacity, confidence & resilience during

times of hardship and crisis.


We are currently developing a mental health recovery program for LGA’s who have

been adversely affected by the impact of crisis such as the 2019-20 Bushfires & COVID-19 Pandemic.


The aim is to implement a series of empowering workshops, seminars and programs to mitigate the ongoing mental health issues arising from adversity, supporting recovery, and contributing to the revival of individual's lives, and communities.


The program includes a series of workshops such as:

  • Meditation & Mindfulness for Mental Health

  • Holistic Creative Therapy and Artistic Workshops

  • Healthy and Active Lifestyle Mentoring & Workshops for building resilience & wellbeing

  • Small Business Development Workshops and Training for local business owners to increase business and employment opportunities, in turn contributing to positive health outcomes and empowering them to accomplish their goals.

Designed to provide participants with a safe space to express themselves and explore their emotions, release stress, tension & anxiety, build social support networks and cohesion among peers, and provide opportunities for deep self-inquiry and personal development. Supported and backed by substantial evidence and research surrounding the efficacy and power of meditation and holistic integrated creative art therapy activities such as sound therapy, drama, dance, visual arts, etc. to reduce stress, depression & anxiety, help people to express emotions in a safe and non-judgmental space, deal with grief, loss & trauma, build social cohesion & support networks and greatly improve the lives and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


• Meditation, Mind-set & Positive Psychology
• Embodiment Practices
• Creative Arts Expression
• Wellbeing & Lifestyle
• Leadership, Business Management & Team Building
• Social Inclusion & Multicultural Awareness
• Outdoor Education & Nature Play

• Developing Digital Literacy Skills
• Online Programs & Training


contributing to positive health outcomes and empowering people to accomplish their goals. 

• Boosting confidence, self-esteem, & sense of self-worth contributing to improved wellbeing.

• Understanding how to combat the negative effects of stress & cope with pressures of school, work & home life.
• Building and strengthening community networks, resilience & social support.
• Developing individual skills, capacity for innovation and employability.
• Economic growth for individuals and communities.
• Access to useful resources, mentorship and training.

Upcoming Program

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In partnership with internationally renowned Gong Master & Sound Therapist Leith James of Gong Sound Meditation

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