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Arts & Meditation for MENTAL HEALTH

Holistic Wellbeing & Creative Outreach Programs

Aimed at empowering individuals and community groups with tools to mitigate and address the negative affects of stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, PTSD and other mental health health issues.

Working alongside community groups, small businesses and organisations to enhance the social fabric and community cohesion, building leadership skills and teams, developing resilience, capacity & confidence to deal with and overcome problems & challenges we may face during times of hardship and crisis.

Backed by substantial evidence-based research surrounding the efficacy and power of Meditation, Mindfulness and Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapies (HICAT) for people suffering with mental and physical health problems. 


Through story-telling, creative play and exploration, and a variety of practical tools and techniques ~ we are helping people to express emotions and experiences in safe inclusive spaces, develop personal agency, responsibility and self-soveringty, finding solutions to challenges and working through their own problems, building social cohesion & community support networks. 

These programs are absolutely Transformational for people and communities ~ learning to connect, share & build resilience through creative
self-expression & active learning.

• Meditation, Mind-set & Positive Psychology
• Embodiment Practices
• Creative Arts Expression
• Wellbeing & Lifestyle
• Leadership, Business Management & Team Building
• Social Inclusion & Multicultural Awareness
• Outdoor Education & Nature Play

• Developing Digital Literacy Skills
• Online Programs & Training


• Boosting confidence & self-esteem

• Improved mental healh & physical wellbeing

• Reduce stress, depression & anxiety

• Learn how to navigate the pressures of school, work & home life
• Strengthening community networks, resilience & social support
• Developing individual skills, capacity and employability
• Enhance creative leadership & innovation
• Access to useful resources, mentorship and training

Steep Mountains

Building Resilience, Authenticity, Confidence, Emotional Intelligence & Self-Esteem

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